Going To Survival Camp in the UK

Going to a camp requires a lot of preparation. This should be planned well so that you will know the things that are needed prior to the day of camping. The convenience of outdoors is not the same as the are indoors. This means that you will have to be mentally and physically prepared to ensure that your camping experience will be as great, especially if it is your first time to camp with your family or friends.

As you embark on an adventure of a lifetime, it is important that you are able to list down all the necessary things before leaving your home. To help and guide you through, here are the following tips such as at UltimatePrepping.com prepare yourself for camping and at the same time, ensure your safety as you begin to wander around the wilderness.

1. Pitch camp before it goes dark- it is important that you are able to decide on the kind of camping style that you’d want. For example, using a tent or a recreational vehicle camp known as an RV caravan. However, unlike others, there are those that want to do the primitive kind of way that really involves a lot of outdoor activities such as collecting firewood, fetching water at the river bank and hunting.

2. Sleeping bags- aside from the tent, you will also need a sleeping bag. Of course, if you still want to feel comfortable, it is best that you have a good sleep while you are on camping. Relaxing your body is still essential. Go for a light weight type of sleeping bag as this is handier than bringing along your extra pillows and comfort blankets. This will also make you feel warm during the cold nights in the wilderness. Most of the sleeping bags are made out of synthetic fibers and to enhance more of your sleeping experience in camp, place a long cushion just beneath your sleeping pillow to make the slumber more comfortable.

3. Food and water- you can’t go without having extra food and water that is safe and clean. Although hunting is good, you can never tell whether you will be able to hunt good food. Bring a kind of food that is easy to prepare and cook. Nowadays, people would buy canned goods or have prepared a healthy meal and packed it ahead of time. Make sure that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated unless you are camping with an RV around. You can also choose to bring a bushcraft knife for hunting and prepping for an adventure through the wilderness.

5. Protecting the ecosystem as much as possible keep your trash nature-friendly. If it is allowed in the area, it would be best to make a composite so that you can segregate biodegradable and non-recyclable items. Leave no means or traces that can damage the eco-system. Always ensure cleanliness in the property.

Indeed, going camping is not only fun and exciting but also an experience in learning to be one with nature and great bonding moments with your family and friends.

Where To Buy Chicken Coops And Houses In The UK

Chicken and poultry deserve a clean safe shade where they can brood and rest. You can easily construct a coop for your chicken if you have the tools and experience. However, it is often recommendable to go for finished coops which are just as affordable as the effort of constructing one on your own. What’s more, finished coops are specifically designed to protect your chicken from various elements including harsh weather and wild animals among other things. There are several designers and retailers of chicken coops and finding them should not be a problem. Outlets like eggshell online have been providing coops, pens, trays and sheds for chicken, rabbits and other home animals for several years and have various options to choose from. Nonetheless, it is still very important to keenly review your offers before making a decision. Not all coops you come across will meet your needs with regards to size, stability and ease of use and cleaning. In order to find the best portable chicken coops that will meet your needs you must carefully compare existing offers and their benefits.

Things to consider when looking for chicken coops

As aforementioned, most chicken coops you will come across are generally designed to keep your poultry animals safe from elements such as harsh weather and wild animals. Other designers spray the coops with organic pesticides to keep the pests away while other feature more enhancements such as smooth-textured platforms for easy cleaning and lighting fixtures. Depending on the size of the coop, designers may choose to include wheels for improved portability while others can be loaded onto a pickup. There is a wide range of options to choose when looking for portable chicken coops. Some of the important things to consider before making the final decision include the following;

  • Durability and material used – Chicken trays, sheds, pens and coops are often made of wood, but you can still find options made of other materials including plastic and synthetic components. The top section may feature regular iron sheets or special translucent canopies that still shed your chicken from excessive sunlight. The most important aspect here is stability and durability. Make sure the coop is stable enough and all the joints are tightly fixed to prevent wobbling. The coop should also settle on the ground and withstand wind and waves.
  • Provider reputation – Whether you are shopping from actual designers/constructors or retailers, it is important to review their reputation. This will help you gauge the level of quality you can expect. Providers that have consistently offered top quality portable chicken coops in the area will definitely have good reputation from the customers. You can gauge reputation by looking through user reviews, comments, complaints, opinions and testimonials. More complaints and negative reviews should signify low quality services and offers.
  • Size and design – Aspects such as size and design are ultimately subjective and will depend on your individual preferences and number of chicken you have. You should have several options to compare including walk-through coops, fox-proof, welded wire and slant-roof among others. Some coops include a wide open-roof section (with welded wire) for feeding and walking, and multiple room sleeping and brooding section. The provider should generally give you a list of top quality options to make your selection.
  • Quality guarantees – Although offering guarantees for wooden structures may sound farfetched, such guarantees exist when it comes to chicken coops. These structures are aimed at protecting your chicken from wild animals and weather, pests and thieves. They should be stable, secure and made of durable materials that will last despite moving them from one location to another. Most reliable retailers offer quality guarantees including provisions to replace any deliveries that arrive already faulty.

Mobile chicken coops

There are several other aspects to review including price, repair needs, cleaning and maintenance. As rule of thumb, it is advisable to review all these other aspects before comparing prices. Once you have retailers who can guarantee top quality coops, proceed to compare prices and find one that will meet your needs at an affordable price. It is generally advisable to choose credible licensed retailers who have a history of offering portable chicken coops in the area. They should be able to work with clients by customizing the designs to suite existing spaces and requirements. Most retailers own professionally designed sites where their offers are listed and finding them is as effortless as looking up businesses in your browser.

Visit The London Array Offshore Wind Farm

Wind power is one of the abundant renewable energy sources available for harnessing just like solar power. It is absolutely free but requires various installations to tap into this renewable energy. Locations such as hilltops have been identified as the best places to tap wind power as currents move at high speed in such areas. Offshore estuaries also offer another ideal spot for erecting wind turbines. London Array offshore wind farm has become one of the most popular in the world, not only because it is the largest, but also because it has the largest megawatt capacity in the whole of Europe. Tourists can effortlessly see it from the shores and is located some 12 miles (20 kilometers) off Kent Coast on the North Foreland (visit official site).

Turbine diagram

London Array construction project

London ArrayThe 175 turbine offshore wind farm was inaugurated by UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron on July 4th 2014 following completion of phase one of the construction project. The construction had begun three years earlier in March 2011 and was completed in 2013. Although a second construction phase was expected, the planning consent was refused due to the projected impact it could have on sea birds. The project was spearheaded by a consortium of three top renewable energy companies namely DONG Energy, E.ON and Masdar. La Caisse de-dépôt-et-placement-du-Québec, a global investor in Canada and North America, also provided institutional funding for the project.


London Array is both a mega power plant and an attraction that most tourists visiting UK ought to see. It is located 12 miles from the coast of Kent in between Long-Sand and Kentish-Knock, in the area between Margate and Clacton in Kent and Essex respectively. The site is safely away from all shipping lanes. The first phase involved erecting 175 Siemens SWT-3.6 Wind Power turbines as well as two offshore substations connected to an onshore substation located at Cleve Hill. The wind farm is modestly named after the London city because the power goes directly into the London Grid. The 175 turbines are connected to each other by 33kV array cables that run some 210 kilometers (130 miles) while the substations are connected by four 150kV sub-sea export cables running 220 kilometers (140 miles). The London Array offshore wind farm is expected to reduce annual carbon dioxide emission by 900,000 tons which is equal to the total emission released by 300,000 cars every year.

Power production

London Array offshore wind farm is one of a kind and the largest offshore farm in the whole world. It is very conspicuous for all tourists to see and stretches all across the outer Thames Estuary. It is also the largest wind farm in Europe in terms of megawatt capacity, providing 630 megawatts into the London Grid. Close to London Array is a much smaller wind farm called Thanet located to its south. The power produced by the 175 turbines is enough to supply the stations’ energy needs resulting in a self-sufficient system that requires no external powering.

London Array Ltd.

The offshore wind farm is a project of London Array Ltd, which is a consortium of the three aforementioned companies. The cooperation was established following environmental studies publications that identified Thames Estuary area as one of the three potential locations for wind farm erection in 2001. After the reports of the strategic frameworks involved were released, Crown Estate awarded London Array Ltd a 50 year lease to undertake the project. Originally in 2003, the cooperation consisted of E.ON, CORE Energy and Shell WindEnergy. They developed a planning application in 2005 and it was later approved in 2007. However, Shell WindEnergy withdrew from the project in 2008 and their shares were bought by E.ON and DONG Energy. In the same year, E.ON allowed Abu Dhabi’s Masdar to purchase 40% of its stake on a joint venture giving Masdar a 20% stake in the project. These remained the three companies that owned the London Array offshore wind farm project. The first phase was completed on a £1.8 billion budget in 2013. A second phase was expected to begin in 2014 but its pursuit was sealed and canceled in 2014 following concerns raised by RSPB (royal-society-for-the-protection-of-birds) on the potential harm a second wind farm would have on seabirds. E.ON is the only local energy provider that holds shares in the London Array project and thus is more inclined to educate their customers (and potential customers) about this sustainable energy project. If you are an E.ON customer or would like to know more about their renewable energy endeavors, you can contact them by clicking here.


Even without phase 2, London Array offshore wind farm has taken its place as the largest offshore wind farm on the planet (more info) and the plant also produces a lot of power. It is also a sight to behold from the shores. Hopefully, renewable energy companies from other states can emulate the project and construct environmentally friendly plants that will both reduce CO2 emission and tap into the natural sources of energy available in our planet.

Why should you visit London?

London is a fantastic place to visit. It’s a great melting pot of different cultures in one place. With such diversity, there’s bound to be a lot of excitement when you come and visit!

Now, some people may give you a picture that London is always wet and dreary but we do have lots of sunny days too so don’t worry too much that the rain is going to ruin your trip.

So, what will you get out of your trip here?

Okay, before you come over, make sure you have a great camera and some protective rain gear (just in case).

There are a lot of things to see here.

Let’s start with the historical buildings that are in great abundance within the city. Seeing one can instantly transport you to the days gone by. But, before you get the idea that only the old buildings are worth seeing, you’d be surprised at just how beautiful the newer buildings are. There’s an excellent blend of old and new within London which is enough to give you a memory card full of pictures to bring home with you.

Since London is such a populous place, it’s only natural that they’d have a lot of restaurants offering great food too. There’s a wide range of choices in terms of what your culinary desires are. Everything from contemporary food to exotic dishes can be found in London. You can visit the most humble bars to the most posh restaurants and you’re going to have a great time eating their food.

Getting in and around London is also very easy as there are a lot of methods of transportation that you can use. You can go by train, by bus, by car, by bike or by boat to wherever it is you fancy going. People here are courteous and very respectful of one another. This is a great thing as there is a very diverse mix of cultures converging within this city. It’s pretty safe to walk around
even at night. And there’s always a local constabulary nearby should you need any assistance.

Revisiting London’s rich history may be a great experience but then again the kids might want a little bit of excitement. That can easily be solved as there are amusement parks and recreation centers you can bring them to. Or you can go visit museums and zoos so they can be properly educated and entertained at the same time.

London is also one of the most visited cities in the world by tourists from all over the globe. This is the reason why there are many great hotels in the city. So you won’t have to travel very far if you need to rest for the night.
And for all its modern facilities, London is still considered one of the greenest cities in the entire world with over 40% set aside for parks and other greenery. Yes, this place hasn’t lost touch with Mother Nature and you can have a peaceful time just taking in the sights and sounds of the flora and fauna in the parks and natural reserves within the city.

Lastly, the question is: Is London the right place for you?

Here’s the answer: no matter what it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to run into it in London. You’ve got history, modern facilities, great places to eat at, convenient tra
nsportation and access to parks and local wildlife. So, you better pack a lot of memory cards in your bag because you might run out of space within the first 2 days of your stay here!