Going To Survival Camp in the UK

Going to a camp requires a lot of preparation. This should be planned well so that you will know the things that are needed prior to the day of camping. The convenience of outdoors is not the same as the are indoors. This means that you will have to be mentally and physically prepared to ensure that your camping experience will be as great, especially if it is your first time to camp with your family or friends.

As you embark on an adventure of a lifetime, it is important that you are able to list down all the necessary things before leaving your home. To help and guide you through, here are the following tips such as at UltimatePrepping.com prepare yourself for camping and at the same time, ensure your safety as you begin to wander around the wilderness.

1. Pitch camp before it goes dark- it is important that you are able to decide on the kind of camping style that you’d want. For example, using a tent or a recreational vehicle camp known as an RV caravan. However, unlike others, there are those that want to do the primitive kind of way that really involves a lot of outdoor activities such as collecting firewood, fetching water at the river bank and hunting.

2. Sleeping bags- aside from the tent, you will also need a sleeping bag. Of course, if you still want to feel comfortable, it is best that you have a good sleep while you are on camping. Relaxing your body is still essential. Go for a light weight type of sleeping bag as this is handier than bringing along your extra pillows and comfort blankets. This will also make you feel warm during the cold nights in the wilderness. Most of the sleeping bags are made out of synthetic fibers and to enhance more of your sleeping experience in camp, place a long cushion just beneath your sleeping pillow to make the slumber more comfortable.

3. Food and water- you can’t go without having extra food and water that is safe and clean. Although hunting is good, you can never tell whether you will be able to hunt good food. Bring a kind of food that is easy to prepare and cook. Nowadays, people would buy canned goods or have prepared a healthy meal and packed it ahead of time. Make sure that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated unless you are camping with an RV around. You can also choose to bring a bushcraft knife for hunting and prepping for an adventure through the wilderness.

5. Protecting the ecosystem as much as possible keep your trash nature-friendly. If it is allowed in the area, it would be best to make a composite so that you can segregate biodegradable and non-recyclable items. Leave no means or traces that can damage the eco-system. Always ensure cleanliness in the property.

Indeed, going camping is not only fun and exciting but also an experience in learning to be one with nature and great bonding moments with your family and friends.

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