Where To Buy Chicken Coops And Houses In The UK

Chicken and poultry deserve a clean safe shade where they can brood and rest. You can easily construct a coop for your chicken if you have the tools and experience. However, it is often recommendable to go for finished coops which are just as affordable as the effort of constructing one on your own. What’s more, finished coops are specifically designed to protect your chicken from various elements including harsh weather and wild animals among other things. There are several designers and retailers of chicken coops and finding them should not be a problem. Outlets like eggshell online have been providing coops, pens, trays and sheds for chicken, rabbits and other home animals for several years and have various options to choose from. Nonetheless, it is still very important to keenly review your offers before making a decision. Not all coops you come across will meet your needs with regards to size, stability and ease of use and cleaning. In order to find the best portable chicken coops that will meet your needs you must carefully compare existing offers and their benefits.

Things to consider when looking for chicken coops

As aforementioned, most chicken coops you will come across are generally designed to keep your poultry animals safe from elements such as harsh weather and wild animals. Other designers spray the coops with organic pesticides to keep the pests away while other feature more enhancements such as smooth-textured platforms for easy cleaning and lighting fixtures. Depending on the size of the coop, designers may choose to include wheels for improved portability while others can be loaded onto a pickup. There is a wide range of options to choose when looking for portable chicken coops. Some of the important things to consider before making the final decision include the following;

  • Durability and material used – Chicken trays, sheds, pens and coops are often made of wood, but you can still find options made of other materials including plastic and synthetic components. The top section may feature regular iron sheets or special translucent canopies that still shed your chicken from excessive sunlight. The most important aspect here is stability and durability. Make sure the coop is stable enough and all the joints are tightly fixed to prevent wobbling. The coop should also settle on the ground and withstand wind and waves.
  • Provider reputation – Whether you are shopping from actual designers/constructors or retailers, it is important to review their reputation. This will help you gauge the level of quality you can expect. Providers that have consistently offered top quality portable chicken coops in the area will definitely have good reputation from the customers. You can gauge reputation by looking through user reviews, comments, complaints, opinions and testimonials. More complaints and negative reviews should signify low quality services and offers.
  • Size and design – Aspects such as size and design are ultimately subjective and will depend on your individual preferences and number of chicken you have. You should have several options to compare including walk-through coops, fox-proof, welded wire and slant-roof among others. Some coops include a wide open-roof section (with welded wire) for feeding and walking, and multiple room sleeping and brooding section. The provider should generally give you a list of top quality options to make your selection.
  • Quality guarantees – Although offering guarantees for wooden structures may sound farfetched, such guarantees exist when it comes to chicken coops. These structures are aimed at protecting your chicken from wild animals and weather, pests and thieves. They should be stable, secure and made of durable materials that will last despite moving them from one location to another. Most reliable retailers offer quality guarantees including provisions to replace any deliveries that arrive already faulty.

Mobile chicken coops

There are several other aspects to review including price, repair needs, cleaning and maintenance. As rule of thumb, it is advisable to review all these other aspects before comparing prices. Once you have retailers who can guarantee top quality coops, proceed to compare prices and find one that will meet your needs at an affordable price. It is generally advisable to choose credible licensed retailers who have a history of offering portable chicken coops in the area. They should be able to work with clients by customizing the designs to suite existing spaces and requirements. Most retailers own professionally designed sites where their offers are listed and finding them is as effortless as looking up businesses in your browser.

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